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Topic: ZXDIR CustomROM

In order to work a little more comfortably and seriously on the spectrum with divSD and esxDOS, I really only need a few things:
- do not break fingers and shifts when entering CAT (DIR),
- shorten command tokens so that BASIC statements do not take a half of the screen for each longer prog. line and do not slow down editing,
- be able to move the cursor in the editing zone line by lines, up and down,
- convert hexadecimal numbers when programming and also when working with ports,
- use white characters on black paper, with modern monitors.

This is how the ZXDIR CustomROM was created,
to download from https://mega.nz/folder/O8NwQDjS#yLw7tABrQoY94N3_9Uj2kg

ZXDIR1.ROM - DIR command on COPY key (following BSROM style) and esxDOS tilda character replaced unused pound sign
ZXDIR2.ROM can move the cursor better in the edit line (similar to LECROM)
ZXDIR3.ROM - added an ability to enter hexadecimal numbers (as with Amstrad CPC or in SAM BASIC)

Choose a version that suits you. The last one allows to insert HD numbers with '&' in INPUT, LET, PRINT, OUT, IN ... up to &FFFF,
e.g. PRINT &e0-&f
LET a=&4000: PRINT a
OUT &Fe,1

Check original color ROM settings in the BlackOnWhite directory.

Modifications are economic, minimal (was added a total of about 100 bytes only) and "should" be highly compatible with any software, because they are short and set in places where they shouldn't interfere with other popular system modifications. The goal was to make a few necessary adjustments only, not to improve or fix basic commands - dot-commands can be now used for purposes of BASIC expansions and mostly no direct ROM patches are needed, I think.