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Topic: .PLAY command

The .PLAY command for esxDOS wasn't exactly a huge seller, and with Derby++ it's kind of redundant (except for people who don't want to change their ROMs). So I'm making it available at "name your own price". Also, I am happy for it to be included in official esxDOS distributions, providing it is made clear that it's third-party software that is not covered by esxDOS's "copyleft" statement. This is not a transferable right and applies only to downloads from esxDOS.org (I need to protect myself from the unscrupulous people who exploit my work for their own profit while seeking to tarnish my reputation). With all that out of the way, here's the link:



Re: .PLAY command

Excellent news Andrew! Thanks for allowing it to be included in the official distribution, and of course we will address your concerns.