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Topic: possible bug?

When trying to load Starglider 128k the loading stops to tell me that its a 128K game, as if its in 48K mode, I have a +2A and have tried re mounting  exdos [reset+break]

I cant *usr 0* as my exdos jumps to a 48k screen and won't understand the command, so is there a out 32765,48 type  code that can jump the system to pure 128k? this might tell my stupid starglider loader thats it is a 128 machine . big_smile




Re: possible bug?


Please try this: http://velesoft.speccy.cz/zx/divide/sof … ivide).zip

You will have to attach the .TAP beforehand, then load the corresponding snapshot to load the game in "pure" 128K mode.