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Topic: Add possibility to start alternate OS from esxDOS on Boot like BS-DOS

As done here before

someone brings BS-DOS v3.09 to run on a divIDE:

http://forum.tlienhard.com/phpBB3/viewt … =50#p29212

Infos and "Installer" from Velesoft Website: http://velesoft.speccy.cz/zx/divide/divide-bs-dos.htm

But this OS has to be manually loaded (inclusive pulling a Jumper on divIDE) every time the spectrum is powered off/on.

I suggest to include an option to esxDOS to start alternative OS while esxDOS is booting. E.g. to download OS which already included FAT32/Long File Names-Support like DEMFIR ( DTP's EMulator FIles Runner ): http://velesoft.speccy.cz/zx/divide/divide-demfir.htm