Topic: .ls2mem and or .ls2file

Another suggestion for mabye useful .commands:

.ls2mem - This should write complete directory-list to a specified memory location in Speccy RAM

.ls2file - This should write complete directory-list to e.g. a (CODE)-TAP-File.


Re: .ls2mem and or .ls2file

I'm really interested in this - to the point of seriously wanting to write them myself - my going-in point would be to find a way to push .ls type output into a given string array - I'm assuming that a 'dot' command has access to the SYSVARS etc and could walk the variables table to find/validate an argument eg .LSARRAY a$ would give you (memory and variable space permitting!) a simple array listing of the current directory.

You might need 2 arguments as you might want to pass back the number of array elements, and I'm sure there are plenty of things to consider, so perhaps your idea of dumping the ls output to a memory location would be an easier start.... but I'm keen to do this. I think people are going to want to use esxDOS commands in their own programs on the Next. :-)