Topic: auto complete commands in the command line

Hi all,
since esxdos is very comfortable for users, it would be wonderful if it was
a key to complete a file name in the command line.
That would be a great gladness.
Or I have not found the key yet ?

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Re: auto complete commands in the command line

there is no esxdos command line. what you see when you are writing .dot commands is standard ZX BASIC input editor and it is not easy to change it's behavior (e.g. on special key combination do something different to what BASIC do). for that would be needed to create complete new input editor routine and convince BASIC to use it instead of its native routine..

anyway, instead of that, you can easily create "short named" command by renaming it in /bin directory (i saw people used to rename .tapein to .ti and .tapeout to .to)