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Here's the changelog for the forthcoming v0.8.6 release. This topic will be updated whenever a change is logged.

[12/06/2013] auto-LOAD: Changed auto-LOAD mechanism to be more transparent, and fixed bug that affected SQ-Tracker, RETURN from TR-DOS (lordcoxis + reported by Factor 6/Velesoft)
[12/06/2013] TR-DOS: Fixed a bug that affected TR-DOS Navigator (code version), related to TR-DOS version detection (lordcoxis + reported by Velesoft)
[14/06/2013] NMI: Fixed bug when pressing NMI without system loaded (lordcoxis + reported by Velesoft)
[14/06/2013] TR-DOS: Added a workaround to make Outrun Europa .TRD load as it calls 48k ROM from interrupt (lordcoxis + reported by Ilyad)
[20/06/2013] TR-DOS: Added a few missing routines to add more compatibility (lordcoxis based on several bug-reports)
[20/06/2013] TR-DOS: Added a new option "AlwaysBoot", which can be set to enable the loading of a custom TR-DOS Boot file when none is present in the disk. Included TR-DOS Navigator (code version) with the authors permission (lordcoxis + thanks to Velesoft)
[25/06/2013] TR-DOS: Fixed long delay when detecting drive/disk using #3d2f calls (lordcoxis)


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[08/07/2013] NMI: Changed 128kB RAM bank detection to use random bytes instead of a fixed string (lordcoxis + reported by Velesoft)
[08/07/2013] Kernel: Fixed a crash when a .command returned to BASIC with a custom error string (lordcoxis + reported by John Barker)


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[09/07/2013] NMI: Fixed a bug in NMI entry which could corrupt AF and R in some circumstances (lordcoxis)
[09/07/2013] NMI: TR-DOS paged byte was being set with an invalid value in 128kB snapshots, which led to the snapshots not loading on certain emulators (ub880d + reported by ZXHistory on WOS)


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For those that asked, here's a public BETA of v0.8.6. There's no docs, just use the same installation instructions that came with v0.8.5 and post any questions you might have here.


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[13/07/2013] TR-DOS: Added experimental Beta 48 (CAS and CBI) support (lordcoxis + thanks to Flávio Matsumoto)


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Will it/or is it possible to load .trd files through a DivIDE using the latest version of esxdos? smile


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AndyRCM wrote:

Will it/or is it possible to load .trd files through a DivIDE using the latest version of esxdos? smile

It is possible since v0.8.5, get it here.


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Excellent! Many thanks! smile


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Development of the v0.8.x branch is now limited to critical bugfixes only. Work has begun on v0.9 and stabilizing the API. The latest BETA of v0.8.6 can be found here.


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Hi again - just flashed/updated our DivIDE (original model .57c) to 0.8.5 and it says it is okay and seems to boot okay but when I press the button the speccy just locks up . . . am I missing something?


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Whoops - forgot to create the TMP directory! wink Sorted now! smile


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[21/09/2013] FAT Driver: Fixed a bug in the handling of FAT32 volumes - when the last cluster was set to $FFFFFFFF in the FSINFO sector, writing was not possible (lordcoxis)


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I'm trying to use TRDOS compatibility with esxDOS 0.8.5.
Loading TRD files from de NMI menu, works right, but I can't work with TRDOS commands.
for instance:

.vdisk 0 FRODO.TRD works fine and map FRODO.TRD to drive A:

But, if I try the to use CAT, system return an error.

CAT "A:"   returns  CAT"?A:"
CAT #4"A:" returns CAT#?"A:"

What am I doing wrong?


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wilco2009 wrote:

What am I doing wrong?

You have to enter TR-DOS first using RANDOMIZE USR 15616.


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Thanks a lot!!

All is working right now.


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[21/11/2013] Kernel: Added RTC.SYS support (lordcoxis)


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Latest BETA version with RTC driver support.

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RTC driver in ESXDOS is tested and work. My RTC module for DIVIDE is full usable, RTC and KEMPSTON JOYSTICK work. UB880D(author of RTC driver) will release driver soon (I hope) :-)


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have heard about 0.86 Beta 5 and Beta 5.1.

Where can we get it to try for DivIDE and DivMMC ?

Or is it non-open-Beta ?



Update 2017-02-12 from myself: This 0.86B5.1 was experimental on zxuno.com. So I think it´s no good for a standard divIDE or divMMC.