Topic: Divmmc not working and cant flash

I have purchased a Divmmc Future. And when i insert it into a spectrum+3 with no card inserted. The machine boots to the selection screen. When i insert the sd card (that i purchased along with the Divmmc Future) I get a screen with blocks and lines on it.
I have loaded the flash firmware 0.8.9 via the tape lead. but when i press enter it says CANNOT FLASH   DIVIDE ERROR.

I know i am supposed to remove the sd card to ADJUST FLASH FUSE JP2/E. But i cant do this. As i insert the sd card the machine crashed to the blocky screen.

Is there any other way to flash repair this card ???

Any suggestions very grateful.


Re: Divmmc not working and cant flash


You can go through this video again and maybe determine what is causing it.
Remember, DivMMC system must be the same on "Flash" and on the SD card.


Re: Divmmc not working and cant flash

From: https://web.archive.org/web/20210817070 … ture-guide

Disabling/Flashing DIVMMC Future

When divMMC Future is in use, your Spectrum will boot up in 48K mode, even on later systems. If you want to disable the divMMC Future and get the default menu on a 128K or later, simply press in the SD card to eject it. This will disable the divMMC Future, and your Spectrum will boot as normal. To re-enable the divMMC Future, just replace the SD card and turn the Spectrum back on.

Note because of this, the version of +3E ROMs which rely on disabling the firmware whilst retaining access to the SD card will not work with the divMMC Future.

To install new firmware to the divMMC Future, load ESXMMC.TAP via SD or physical CASSETTE/TAPE-IN and EJECT SD Card from divMMC Future before commencing flash. NOTE: If you need a WAV version of the TAP file, you'll find it in our Lite-Combo pack.