Topic: Why still no open source?

Hi there.
Playing with my ZXS again after a while.  Embedding successfully AY music circuitry inside my ZXS+ 6a case.
Preparing my own KiCAD pcbs data (the manufactured and proven functional) to make it open source at my github profile and I am asking myself wastefully - why the heck these ZX Spectrum, DivIDE, ESXDOS community still doesn't live in the awesome open source world????

We have awesome operating systems wit 6 000 000 lines of code available as open souce (linux of course).
We have great PCB software as open source (KiCAD of course).
We have great 3D modeling software as open source (FreeCAD).
We have video editing software as open source ...

Why are still people here who think it's better to hold the sources away from users in the ZX Spectrum community?

There is business potential no more. Nobody is going to stole your ideas.

Totally uncomprehensible for me.

I hope it'll change sooner rather than later.


Jakub Ladman


Re: Why still no open source?

If you're interested. Don't have big expectations ...