Topic: LOAD & SAVE CODE m/c example

I know the whole API is not public coz is in development and will be changed with a next verssion of the ESXDOS.
Is the same problem with very basic system calls?
Could anyone be so kind and describe these basics:
two RST#08 codes for load/save a piece of code from/to a fat-formatted sd card.


Re: LOAD & SAVE CODE m/c example

Would be great if some details could be released given it's been a while since the last release... A memory map/idea of how the 4 RAM pages are used, list of routines + internal sysvars would be so useful (context for me: I've modelled a DivMMC in Prism's core - the SPI interface to the SD cards works as +3eMMC works but I cannot get esxDOS to work ... I'm trying to follow what esxDOS is doing to work out what exactly's failing)

Cheers, Jeff


Re: LOAD & SAVE CODE m/c example

Hi JeffB,

I think you are running into DivIDE mapping issues. Did you implement the mapping according to the DivIDE's pgm_model.txt?



Re: LOAD & SAVE CODE m/c example

Oh, and DivMMC support needs at least 5 pages...