Topic: esxDOS v0.8.9 released

esxDOS v0.8.9 has been officially released. Grab it at http://www.esxdos.org/files/esxdos089.zip.

This version has the following (notable) new features:

  • Support for SCL (TR-DOS) disk images

  • TR-DOS MOVE and FORMAT commands are now implemented

  • Z80DMA timings are configurable

  • New/Updated Commands: .tar, .launcher, .te, .gsc, .drives and .rm


[11/11/2020] SD/MMC Driver: Fixed critical bug when extending directories (lordcoxis + reported by SCjoe)
[09/01/2021] auto-LOAD: Copying arguments was using wrong syscall (lordcoxis + reported by UB880D)
[09/01/2021] FAT Driver: Fixed a *critical* bug which corrupted the root directory when the disk was full (lordcoxis + reported by UB880D)
[07/03/2021] Z80DMA: Fixed a bug in the sector write sequence (lordcoxis + reported by LMN128)
[18/03/2021] vDisk: Added support for SCL (TR-DOS) disk images (lordcoxis)
[18/03/2021] TR-DOS: Updated TR-DOS Navigator to V0.75.9b (lordcoxis)
[18/03/2021] TR-DOS: Fixed a bug affecting (at least) "Star Heritage" game (lordcoxis + reported by Alcoholics Anonymous)
[18/03/2021] TR-DOS: Fixed a bug affecting (at least) "Tiratok" demo (lordcoxis + reported by Nihirash)
[19/03/2021] TR-DOS: Fixed a bug affecting (at least) "TASM 4.12" assembler (lordcoxis + reported by Nihirash)
[19/03/2021] TR-DOS: Fixed a bug affecting (at least) "Spectrofon" diskmag (lordcoxis + reported by Nihirash)
[19/03/2021] TR-DOS: Added missing MOVE and FORMAT commands (lordcoxis)
[19/03/2021] NMI: Added support for loading SCL files from the browser (UB880D)
[20/03/2021] NMI: Added HiResColour modes reset on NMI entry and restore on exit (lordcoxis)
[20/03/2021] Z80DMA: Added "DMA_IO" and "DMA_RAM" config parameters to ESXDOS.CFG to set DMA timings (lordcoxis + requested by LMN128)
[25/03/2021] TR-DOS: Fixed a bug that afected SCL images with more than 16 files (lordcoxis)
[25/03/2021] auto-LOAD: Set default colours to black paper + white ink, configurable in ESXDOS.CFG (lordcoxis)
[25/03/2021] BASIC: Fixed 2 bugs related to (patched) 128K ROM support, it should now be (almost) fully usable (lordcoxis)
[25/03/2021] NMI: Visual improvements (UB880D)
[25/03/2021] Commands: Added .tar and updated .launcher (UB880D)
[30/03/2021] Commands: Added .te command (nagydani)
[30/03/2021] Commands: Updated .drives and .rm (Dr. Slump)
[04/04/2021] Tape Emulator: Fixed a critical bug when attaching .tap files that would cause all sorts of instability (lordcoxis+UB880D)
[04/04/2021] Kernel: Saved HL, IX and IY registers before RTC.SYS call (UB880D)
[04/04/2021] TR-DOS: Fixed a bug affecting (at least) "ZX-Format" diskmag (lordcoxis + reported by Nihirash)
[11/04/2021] BASIC: Fixed X_PTR overwrite on outside syscall entry (lordcoxis + reported by UB880D and SCjoe)
[17/04/2021] Commands: Added .gsc command (Nihirash)


Re: esxDOS v0.8.9 released

There is a regression in esxDOS 0.8.9 that causes the machine to hang if you enter invalid syntax in SE BASIC. As it's closed source, I have no way to fix this. Did something change in the error handling code? I only became aware of the problem because ZX-Uno and ZXTRES users insist on using the latest version of esxDOS. Is there a compelling reason not to stick with 0.8.5?