Topic: External DOT-Commands Set

The EDCS could consist of
extra DOT commands performing another than basic dos and file-handling functionalities.

An extra archive package
with compiled and ready-to-use binaries
maintained independently on the esxDOS distribution archive.
To get fresh versions more frequently,
even if only one file was upgraded.

Let us start with commands for any 48k/128k Speccy:

CLOSE by nagydani
DZX7 by alcoholics anonymous
EXTRACT  by alcoholics anonymous
OPEN by nagydani
PLAY  by aowen
TAP2MIC by rdk77
TE by nagydani
TESTRAM by velesoft

Other commands and UNO, NEXT, MB03+ (e.g. UART) versions are welcome.


Re: External DOT-Commands Set

I think commands with specific hardware requirements should be kept separate, at least in a separate folder, if not a separate repository.