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Topic: ESXDOS should swallow tape audio data correctly


I'd like to talk about how ESXDOS might be able to load data from tape or TAP-players without affecting the TAPE interface.

It could work by switching to 128 mode.
This could also be discussed later in the topic here.

As a second option I would hide ESXDOS-ROM and replace.
Somebody could use for this the HDT-ISO.rom, which should be able to process at double the speed of TAPE player ?
With the command .ownrom
(I rename hdt-iso.rom to hdtiso.bin)

10 CLEAR 49151
20 LOAD *"hdtiso.bin" CODE 49152
30 .ownrom
40 POKE 52524,23
50 GOTO 90
60 SAVE *"hdtrom"

I notice that with this ROM only 25180 free memory is available.

If interested, we can carry on wink

Bye for now,

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Re: ESXDOS should swallow tape audio data correctly

a small correction of my last contribution so that it can be loaded without problems from different versions of the NMI-Browser.

60 SAVE *"hdtrom.bas"

As a player, I use the "Tapper" from Trolsoft on the +2A Spectrum.
For the first attempt "Bruce Lee RX" was selected.
Normal charging time of 3.01 minutes, with double speed charging time of 1.29 minutes. It was successful smile
Even though the HDT-ISO.rom determines that only 25180 free memory is available, I succeeded in loading.
a bigger game (48k/128k with AY support).
I choose "Nixy and the Seeds of Doom".
Loading time at double speed is 2.25 minutes here, I succeeded in loading wink

Incidentally, I notice that HDT ISO.rom can not load at normal speed. The baud rate still has to be determined.
The loader of "Nixy and the Seeds of Doom" crashes when ESXDOS is active (at DivIDE).

That was for today,

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Re: ESXDOS should swallow tape audio data correctly


Today I would like to report also about the HDTISO.rom.

Information in the rom file:







CS + 1,T,H,P,L,O

SS + G,H,Y,R,X

(C) B. PIEPER 14.12.89

I have no information about Mr. B. PIEPER, maybe someone knows she or him. It might have something to do with the Spectral replica?

Today, unlike yesterday, I did some experiments with the FUSE emulator under Windows.
My job was to make WAV files available at double speed. For this I used the Audiotool Audacity.
I gave with the "Tapper" the audio to the PC sound card.

I have "Bruce Lee RX" and "The Addams Family" converted and both games I have successfully loaded.
"The Addams Family", I think I know, is a 128k game, and it could be played in 6.36 minutes instead of 13.03 minutes.

Until next time,

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Re: ESXDOS should swallow tape audio data correctly


I have been very busy with the HDT-ISO.rom in the last few days.
I received full support from Alessandro Grussu, who also gave me helped a lot to understand the Rom routines better.

Davide Barlotti informed me that he had found another ROM, which can load and save programs with double tape speed.
The RaK-ROM was originally created in Russia, I think.
However, it seems that this ROM is a refreshed version of an unknown.
Link to ROM: https://tinyurl.com/qo7m4ut

I have made several attempts with positive results with the RaK-91T.rom,
this issues the start message "1991 Sinclair Spectrum Turbo".

Key functions:
SS + J   "-"   activates the "turbo mode"
SS + K  "+"  sets loading and saving to normal speed
More details can be found in the PDF documents.
Much has also been translated into English.

See you soon,,