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first let me say that esxDOS is great!

I switched over to it from FatWare because it allows to actually delete files, without me having to use a separate system to do that. And this function is so valuable to let forget about the fact that esxDOS does not support long filenames yet.

However, do delete a file is still a bit of a hassle nonetheless, you have to switch over to basic and type in the erase command.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just delete files straight away from the filebrowser?

You know, I just like to watch the demos, but want to easily get rid of stuff that doesn't work.


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Re: Delete via File Browser


you can add the "New NMI.SYS handler" (last version here: http://board.esxdos.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1370#p1370 )
to esxDOS which can delete files from it´s file-browser.

There´s also a link to the readme of it there.



Re: Delete via File Browser

The new navigator is great!   (Just the font is a bit tiny on my 10 inch CRT tough, however ppl will find it cool I guess :-)

Nice to see the activity with the project.

Thanks a lot!