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Does exist any .command for display detailed information about +3DOS files (saved using SAVE *). The dotCommand FILE displays only "+ 3DOS file" without additional information (start line, address...)

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Re: File Info Tool

Maybe you can ask Garry Lancaster (Author from NextBasic (and +3e ROMs?) for it: https://www.specnext.com/nextbasic-commands/ and:


Re: File Info Tool

As can be read here: http://board.esxdos.org/viewtopic.php?pid=145#p145 for current .file v0.1 command the output only print file filetype as "sweet128" wrote: I think that FILE command looks like linux command. It determines type by content of file.

Maybe someone can do a .DOT-command e.g. named .fileinfo which can display the infos you request.