Topic: printing - output redirection to channel #3


i don't know if it is realy posible, but it can be very usefull. We all know ZX Spectrum have pretty nice channel system where we can redirect text output from many BASIC commands to the printer or file. I am using it sometimes with TRDOS when i want print disk content (LIST #3) to paper and have this included with floppy in box.

For start is enough when this will work for CAT in ESXDOS. Later for some commands like MORE or LESS (if we will have it :-))

I have my own printer driver for HP Deskjets (and compatible printers with language PCL3), downloadable here http://cygnus.speccy.cz/popis_printer-deskjet1.php. More precisely there are two drivers, one for text editor Desktop and second for Sinclair BASIC which allow use commands LPRINT and LLIST with more modern printers.

But there exists many more printers, here is described how to connect printer compatible with Epson http://mts.speccy.cz/_epson.htm and i know about more than ten other solutions (simple matrix printers with one or two pins, simple pen plotters, thermal printer Robotron etc...)

Think about it, we can use ZX Spectrum for real work! :-))