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Topic: SE Basic IV 4.2 Cordelia


SE Basic 4.2 is a BASIC interpreter built on top of the esxDOS 0.8.5 API (it seems to still work with the 0.8.6 API too).

To run it you will need a ZX-Uno, or a 128K Spectrum with the SLAM+ replacement ULA and a divMMC / divIDE running esxDOS. It replaces the standard 32K ROM in the 128K machines.


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Re: SE Basic IV 4.2 Cordelia

Fixed the FILES command. It uses the full screen now.


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Now in public beta if anyone here is interested. https://zx.itch.io/sebasic4


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So, I've figured out a way for a 16K Spectrum ROM (for example OpenSE BASIC) and SE Basic IV to co-exist on a 32K ROM machine. You'll need a 128K Spectrum, Timex video, ULAplus and esxDOS. Some potential combinations are:

  • 128K Spectrum with MB03+

  • JS128 with SLAM+

  • ULA Spectrum 128 with SLAM+ and divIDE.

  • ULA Spectrum 128 with SLAM+ and divMMC.

  • ZX Uno

You'll need to create a 32K ROM consisting of:

  • ROM 0: SE Basic IV ROM 1 (patched to work in ROM slot 0)

  • ROM 1: Any 16K Spectrum ROM that works with esxDOS

I'll put together a default open source 32K ROM and you can replace the last 16K with whatever you want. When esxDOS boots it will boot to that ROM. Then I just need to create an esxDOS command that performs the same function as the SE Basic boot ROM. Then you'll just need to install the dot command (.SE) also copy the SYSTEM folder to your SD card. I'm not going to do it until v4.2 is complete though, until then you can try the language out with the emulator: https://sourcesolutions.itch.io/


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This is really off-topic, but it does relate to SE Basic IV: