Topic: esxDOS on ZX Next FAQ

Due to misleading information that has been posted across the internet we have decided to put up this FAQ as a definitive resource to keep you all correctly informed.

esxDOS on ZX Next FAQ

Will esxDOS ever have FAT LFN support? The last status update is from 2015!

Yes. Work on the 0.9.x version (which is the one with LFN) was halted for a couple of years but it was resumed a few months ago.

Is LFN support a Next exclusive feature?

No. LFN support had been planned way before the Next appeared on the scene and will also be supported on DivIDE and DivMMC targets.

Will esxDOS have .TZX support? Is it a Next exclusive feature?

Yes, but only for standard data blocks using the ROM loader (just like ResiDOS). It's not a Next exclusive feature.

So what are the Next exclusive features then?

Turbo (7MHz) I/O and some other features that will generally make esxDOS run faster, and more accurately in some cases. There's also support for some of the Next's hardware features (RTC driver, etc).

Can you add X, Y and Z to the NMI browser?

The NMI browser is a 3rd party module, written by UB880D (aka Dusky). UB880D has a very close relationship with the core esxDOS team, but in the end it's up to him to decide what he wants to implement. Also, memory for the NMI module was very low in the 0.8.x versions, so it's a miracle that it can do all it does!

When will v0.9.x be released?

When it's done :) That being said, work is ongoing and we expect to have something ready before the Next is released.