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Topic: Delete,Move,Create Dir

Hi all,

If it's possible due memory space, would be great have basic file operations from ESXDos browser like Delete file, create directory, Move file, Rename file.

It's possible to reduce Help Screen size to have more ram for extra commands? Maybe use only half upper part of screen, reducing font size and redistribute help info on screen.


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Re: Delete,Move,Create Dir

Well, I think there´s not enough memory for your wishes within the NMI browser. But maybe someone can develop a .command for a simple file commander.


Re: Delete,Move,Create Dir


have a look at development of "new NMI-Browser" which feature rename etc.:


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Re: Delete,Move,Create Dir

Move/rename file/directory can be done with mv dot command
Delete file/empty directorie can be done with ERASE BASIC command (like *nix rm/rmdir commands)
Only a new command would be necessary to delete not empty directories, rm -r.
There is an additional problem, esxDOS do not allow wildcards yet, so it would not be possible to delete multiple files / directories, but it would have to be done one by one.

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Re: Delete,Move,Create Dir

New rm dot command: