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Topic: v0.8.7 - loading speed of 15MB datafile

Here are results from testing of loading times in esxDOS v0.8.7
subject: 15MB high quality digital audio demo by LMN128
SD card: 16 GB Sandisk Ultra

two loading methods tested - TAP and esxDOS API
three data blocks lengths - 16KB, 32 KB and 15MB

version 1 - original TAP by LMN, basic loader with 16KB data blocks of sample-music - loading time 5:41s
version 1 - files moved from TAP to SD card - loading time 5:30s
version 1 - files moved from TAP to SD card, DMA switched off (CONFIG.SYS with DMA=0) - loading time 7:50s

version 2 - optimalised TAP version by Lanex (special loader, DMA used when moving loaded data into MB03+ memory, 32KB headerless datablocks of sample-music) - loading time 3:53s

version 3 - by Lanex, two loader and player files with +3DOS headers, one single music datafile of 15MB - loading time 1:27s only!!!

Here is a special TAP installer of the 3rd version for download: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21A … 900842B379
or you can download esxDOS ready-to-run files from http://esxdos.samcoupe.cz - see folders MB03PLUS/LMNHQDAP 

You can view this demo in the LnxSpectrum emulator: https://www.ilnx.cz/lnxsp/