Topic: ESXDOS and SCL files?


I am using ESXDOS for quite a while and as I am really happy with that, I just stumbled over a problem that I cannot resolve: as I saw the great AEON demo from 4thDimension, which is in .TAP format, I wanted to check out the other demos from that group, as can be found on the pouet scene site: http://www.pouet.net/groups.php?which=1951.

So, I loaded most of these demos, extracted them to the CF-card and then wanted to run them in the ZX Spectrum 128K toastrack. Then I found out, that ESXDOS does not understand the .SCL format which *almost all* demos are delivered in.

So, what is this strange SCL format, and what can I do to run them in ESXDOS?

I am using ESXDOS V0.87 with the Dr Slump NMI Navigator extension and all patches that I could find.

Thanx for help


Re: ESXDOS and SCL files?

Hola¡tienes que convertir los archivos *.scl a *.trd


Re: ESXDOS and SCL files?

Thank you, SCL2TRD helped.

I would just be great if ESXDOS could understand .SCL out of the box.



Re: ESXDOS and SCL files?

Now it is available to start SCL files directly in the original NMI menu (by ub880d).