Topic: Wanted External command for 128k Editor on divIDE

Another suggestion / wish from me:

can we have an external command like .128edit
that can start the divIDE / divMMC in 128k BASIC Editor Mode
so we can write simple 128k BASIC programs like
and save them e.g. to a .TRD-Image-File or TAP-File
or easier to a Snaphot which stores with "128k Snaphot Flag",
so it can be later loaded and run automatically in 128k mode.

I know, this could be no complete 128k Mode for the divIDE
(as a divIDE+ is needed with it´s expanded hardware / RAM).

But a "limited 128k" Mode without RAM-paging should be possible
for the divIDE ?

What do you think ?




Re: Wanted External command for 128k Editor on divIDE

OK, this seems to be "impossible" with the divIDE and maybe only on divIDE+

Found this on WOS:

http://www.worldofspectrum.org/forums/d … browser/p5

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If any DIVIDE system need work on 128kB models with 128 rom then must exist more versions for more zx 128 roms. Exist english rom for ZX128, english +2, spanish +2 and french +2.

Rom with 128 editor use adress space #3D00-#3DFF for controll syntax of basic, but this adress is on DIVIDE used for tr-dos emulation, If you copy part of 128rom to divide ram and modify this code (in divide ram) then will possible use divide system with 128 editor. And on some other entry points of divide automapper must be add autodetection of connected zx rom type (detect if is set 48 rom or 128 editor).


Re: Wanted External command for 128k Editor on divIDE

You don't need 128 BASIC. You can use SoftPLAY to use the PLAY command syntax from 48 BASIC. I did look at implementing it as a .PLAY command, but the code requires the ROM's calculator routines and there's no convenient way of accessing those at the moment.


Re: Wanted External command for 128k Editor on divIDE

On WOS I found this:

Switch from 128k BASIC to 48k Basic
https://www.worldofspectrum.org/forums/ … ion/11936/
===== SNIP =====
...You can swap back and forth from the 48K and 128K editors to you hearts content....
===== SNAP =====

However I haven´t testet it yet on a divIDE.


Re: Wanted External command for 128k Editor on divIDE


I´ve created a TAP-File of the 48k/128k Switch program from WOS.

You can download it here:
http://forum.tlienhard.com/phpBB3/downl … hp?id=5528

MCode in TAP-File is save from Adress 50000 (54 Bytes long).
When loaded at adress 50000, you can switch from 128k to 48k Editor with USR 50000
Switching from 48k Editor to 128k Editor works with USR (50000+10)=USR 50010.

Program can be loaded at any adress in RAM, e.g. with LOAD""CODE 32768 from adress 32768 upwards.
Then use USR 32768 for 48k Editor and USR 32778 for 128k Editor.

Don´t tried it yet on a divIDE.