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Topic: .vdisk having problems with single sided .TRD-diskimages?!


I tried with single sided (80 Tracks) .TRD-Images instead of the "Standard" double-sided .TRD-Images:

Typed in a small Basicprogram "boot" which contains:
20 PRINT USR 15619: REM : SAVE "boot" LINE 10
30 LIST 20

When I load / attach the disk-image with NEW NMI.SYS (which uses .vdisk) then this happens on the single sided (SS)-disks:
Instead of correctly loading and starting the boot-BASIC-program, it shows this:
Picture 1
and after press of ENTER-key this:
Picture 2
When I do the same with an double sided (DS).TRD-Image then this works OK. Also on Emulators with Pentagon/Betadisk-Emulation both Images load / boot OK.

Here are these two Images (SS and DS) in one ZIP-File for testing: http://forum.tlienhard.com/phpBB3/downl … hp?id=9015

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Re: .vdisk having problems with single sided .TRD-diskimages?!

Done re-tests today (but only under Emulator SpecEmu and not yet with real Hardware):

Written Testprogram in BASIC to save SCREEN$ onto empty disk (Double Sided / Single Sided) until disk is full. These .TRD-Diskimages written to a .HDF-File and viewt with TRDN-Commander which ist included in "New NMS.SYS"


Screen$ read from Sided Disk (640k) = OK:
Picture 1

Screen$ read from Single Sided Disk (320k) = NOT OK!:
Picture 2

Maybe it´s not a problem of .vdisk but from the TR-DOS-Version v5.04 which is used in TR-DOS?!