Topic: request for .SCL file suport


Is possible make .SCL file suport ?

And little question:

- Exist working 0.8.6beta for DIVMMC ? (Im using 0.8.5 and working fine but beta 0.8.6 not working.)

Many thanks info


Re: request for .SCL file suport


SCL file support is not planned as it is much slower due to not being sector aligned. It's best to convert SCL to a trimmed TRD. What problem do you have with 0.8.6beta on DivMMC?


Re: request for .SCL file suport

Which program can you recommend for conversion? I was hoping for .scl support as well.


Re: request for .SCL file suport

SCL2TRD (from the Fuse emulator utilities) creates full size TRD file from SCL.
I prefer full size TRDs since you cannot save data on trimmed TRD images, which some vtrdos.ru games do for saving high scores, or when using an assembler it is useful to save the code afterward.