Topic: NMI menu joystick usable

I'd like to see the menu being controllable using a kempston joystick. Then many programs can be used without touching the keyboard at all.


Re: NMI menu joystick usable

I would like a Kempston joystick controlled menu too!

Other launcher for other platforms have that feature, very useful.

Thank you very much.


Re: NMI menu joystick usable

The main problem for adding features to the file-browser is the limited available RAM,
I´ve been told. So don´t expect this feature in the filebrowser.

But we will see, maybe there´s a way to get some RAM free.

Or as an alternative, offer one file-browser for Kempston-Usage
and one for keys.


Re: NMI menu joystick usable

I think two file browsers versions is a very good idea, thank you!

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Re: NMI menu joystick usable

A new NMI handler is in development, which can be steered by Joysticks: