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I recently got myself a Spectrum 128 +2 (the gray model with a casssette recorder onboard), and I was hoping to use it with a DIVMMC for 128K BASIC programming.

However, when testing ESXDOS and the DivMMC in FUSE, BASIC simply crashes whenever I run a command. Then I came across this line in the release notes:

[17/02/2018] Commands: Added .128 command to test 128K mode using Velesoft's "zx128rom-for-divide" ROM (lordcoxis)

Where I can I get this ROM? Is there discussion about it somewhere, so I can understand what this does that the factory ROM doesn't?



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Post this to bring together answers to your question in another forum:
https://spectrumcomputing.co.uk/forums/ … mp;p=16451

Shame to hear you've shelved your 128K - But a good game is Rod-Land  smile

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Re: Where to get zx128rom-for-divide

Dear ElfieUK4,

thanks for your link:

I found the desired "where to get the ROM" info from it and will post this additional Information here:

From: https://www.worldofspectrum.org/forums/ … ent_685860

velesoft (March 2013) - Here is my rom patcher: http://velesoft.speccy.cz/other/xor128rom.zip

This TAP file must be loaded only on ZX128 with original english 128 rom. After load and start TAP file will automatically read and modified your ZX rom and basic program save new modified 32kB 128rom image as clock CODE 32768,32768 to tape. (this 32kB image can be used also in emulators).

Info about modified rom:
- all known bugs in 128 editor are fixed
- tape tester in main menu is replaced with "TR-DOS" (call trdos command line if betadisc interface or compatible device are connect)
- area #3Dxx in ROM0 are not used for runable code, then divide can be used parallel with 128editor
- first instructions on divide mapping points in 128editor(ROM0) are same as in 48rom(ROM1) for possibility use some original DIVIDE systems designed originally only for run in USR0 mode
- command "SPECTRUM" only switch to 48basic, but 128kB memory is always enable

This is beta version only, please test it.


Re: Where to get zx128rom-for-divide

Or you could use DerbyPro. https://zx.itch.io/derbypro