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Topic: Unofficial esxDOS distribution as part of "Derby Pro" firmware pack

I thought I'd just throw this out there for discussion. I'm putting together a firmware package for Spectrums using divIDE/divMMC called "Derby Pro". It will include a 16K ROM, a 32K ROM and a 64K ROM for use with various flavors of Spectrum (with full  source code).

Derby: 0: Original Spectrum BASIC
Derby+: 0:Derby++ Editor, 1: Original Spectrum BASIC
Derby++: 0: Diagnostic, 1: Original Spectrum BASIC, 2: Derby++ Editor, 3: Derby++ Menu

I'm planning to include esxDOS 0.8.6 final with all the know compatible third-party commands and the Dr. Slump NMI menu pre-installed as part of the package.

The package will be provide free and *as is* and distributed via zx.itch.io. It will replace the existing Derby++, .PLAY, and BUSRA packages.