Topic: Supported ROM types on DivMMC

Until now, I've used AT28C64B EEPROM chips, DIP and SOP.
It is currently really hard to obtain these chips, so I'm wondering if there are other types that can be used on DivMMC interfaces.
My main worry is that the flash-routine is not compatible with other EEPROM types.

I have had some AT28B64 chips, so non-B, which do not work properly with the flashing routine.
I think it's because of some enhanced flashing features, present only on the AT28C64B.
So my first question is: can the flashing routine be made compatible with AT28C64?

Many of the AT28C64B batches I've bought throughout the last months, do not work properly.
I suspect these are remarked chips, and in fact AT28C64 (non-B), but I can't be sure.
I tried to flash them as AT28C64 on a USB programmer, which seemed to work ok, hence I think these are AT28C64.

Is there another EEPROM type that will work with the flashing routine?
Of course it would be very nice if there are other types that are pincompatible, so I can use the same pcb.