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Topic: Changing the underlying TRDOS Version/ROM


from esxDOS 0.8.5 to 0.8.9 TRDOS seems to use TR-DOS Ver 5.04T.
There´s a file called "TRDOS54T.KO" in esxDOS-Packages. Depending on the the esxDOS-Version it has different sizes.

Can this underlying DOS/ROM-Version be changed?

I´m asking for two reasons:
1) Some programs in .TRD/.SCL--Format won´t run under esxDOS TR-DOS-Emulation. Maybe they directly call adresses in TRDOS-ROM but work only with e.g. TR-DOS v5.01. It would be nice that we can change TRDOS-ROM for testing.

2) Here: http://board.esxdos.org/viewtopic.php?id=1043 User zxcygnus asks for TRDOS 5.05CZ as this has extension like using shorter *A instead original *"A:" for simpler switching between drives.


Re: Changing the underlying TRDOS Version/ROM

It is not possible, because there is a patched TRDOS ROM in the esxDOS :-(

Maybe drives switchings can be added to TO-DO list, we must wait till a next version...  (?bugfixed v0.891?)