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Topic: Starting points for 0.9.x

The 0.8.x brach is closed and all efforts can be put now to a substantially improved version of 0.9.x.
Please write your ideas and recommendations.

My topics are as follows:

1] Using a memory of the ZX Spectrum and the divMMC. Memory and system-files management. Will be the basic divMMC with 128KB RAM enough for add-ons and plugins? See Bob's File Browser...

2] Enhancing the BASIC syntax. Could we expect a full set of standard ZX commands or even better (IF1 ROM style?) system for easy user-made BASIC language expansions?

3] Drivers and emulation layers. This is not only about the RTC, TRDs and TAPs. Could we mount also DSK, MGT, FDI, TDO and D80 images?


Re: Starting points for 0.9.x

Add ability to mount any directory on SD card as virtual TRD image generated on the fly. This 'll be extremely convenient for legacy TR-DOS software, even with all limitations (file size limit, limit for files count, one-char extensions, etc...).